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Please use this diary to focus your prayers of intercession.


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There are times when the news that we hear drives us to distraction. It could be the news we hear each day from around the world with all the trouble, disease and disasters that appear to dominate each days headlines. Or it could be the personal stories of those around us or of our own family. When news at home is not good we can be devastated.

Nehemiah was devastated when he heard the news from Jerusalem. The city was still broken down and he knew this was a disgrace for the city of God. Yet even though he was devastated he was not in complete despair, for he also knew how great God is and what God is capable of doing. His reaction and prayer recorded for us in NEHEMIAH 1.1-11 are evidence that his faith in God was undiminished even by bad news. He wanted something better for Gods people in Jerusalem and he knew that God could deliver this for them.

As we draw near to God in prayer we must have the same two ideas firmly rooted in our minds. We must desire Gods people to see more blessing than they currently are and we must recognise that our God is more than capable of delivering this for us and for others. As you spend time with God in prayer take a lead from Nehemiah and pray with desire and heartfelt belief in the Lord.


     Pray that as we gather for worship today we will do so with the same desire as the writer of PSALM 63.1-8, desiring to meet with God through our time together in worship.

     Ask God to speak clearly to us through his Word today, when we hear it in public and when we read it in private, so we will be strengthened in our faith.

     Praise God that he can meet all our needs in Jesus PHILIPPIANS 4.19.


     Pray for the work of the PWA, asking God to draw all the ladies nearer to him through their fellowship and to enthuse them about his work at home and overseas.

     Bring our local community before the Lord and pray for all those who have no visible interest in what he has done for them in Jesus. Ask God to break into their hearts by the power of his Holy Spirit and reveal their need, and his great provision for that need in Jesus.

     Pray for Trevor & Esther Gillanders as they bring the Gospel various locations and as they prepare for a mission in Tobermore in September 2002. Ask the Lord to be near to them and to prepare the hearts and minds of all those who will hear his message.


     Pray for the work of the BB today. Ask God to guide and strengthen the officers so that all they do will teach the boys what it means to follow Jesus. And pray that the boys in the company will each come to know Jesus as their Saviour and the one that they follow each day.

     Bring before God the plight of those around the world who are suffering.

     Keep praying for those members of our spiritual family who are in danger because they follow Jesus, asking God to protect them and give them courage and increase their strength.


     Pray that God will help us to continue trusting him despite the problems around us and that our growing knowledge of him will strengthen us in our faith PSALM 77.1-20.

     Continue to pray for our land and ask God to pour out his Holy Spirit upon us so that his name may be glorified through a revived Church, and many being brought into his Kingdom.

     Ask God to work in the lives of the young people of our district to show them that he alone is the answer to the emptiness they so often feel in their lives.

     Pray for the new ministers installed in our Presbytery recently, asking God to use them to further the work of his Kingdom in their new spheres of service.


     Pray for the work of the GB today, asking God to enable the officers to be shining examples of what it means to follow Jesus through the way they interact with the girls.

     Praise God for the many ways in which we have access to the teaching of scripture Bibles in our own language, faithful teachers of Gods Word, books and tapes and pray that he will take these and use them to shape our thinking and mould our lives ROMANS 12.1-2.

     Ask the Lord to be with Alistair Dunlop, and his wife Anne, as they represent us at many functions at home and overseas. Pray that they will be kept safe as they travel many miles and that their words may be refreshing and encouraging to those they meet PHILEMON 7 & 20.


     Pray for the work of the CE tonight asking God to speak to all those who come along and bring them closer to himself each day. Pray for those who work with the young people and for the teaching they will receive from Gods word over the course of this session.

     Ask God to work through the many outreach events that are taking place around our land, especially those that are seeking to reach young people who rarely come near any church.

     Pray for David and Heather (formerly Sinclair) Sharland as they continue their work in the Sudan, asking God to protect, guide and help them and strengthen his people in that land.


     As many folk look forward to worshipping God together tomorrow ask God to help us all prepare ourselves to worship him from our hearts and with open minds John 4.19-26.

     In light of HEBREWS 10.19-25 ensure that you encourage your brothers and sisters in the Lord by joining them in fellowship as regularly as possible and pray for others to do the same.

     Ask God to be with all those who will be teaching from Gods Word tomorrow, and throughout the week, and to help them make everything clear Colossians 4.2-6.

Pray for Gary & Mary Reid and family as they seek to witness to the Lord and pray that God will use them powerfully as they faithfully serve him.


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